Wool fur: truly indispensable

from VeryCris DHGPenFriend - 17 March 2016

Woolen passion! I had a lot of fun with this project, maybe because DHG’s Plume Yarn just stimulates your creativity! Again, for my creations I chose to go back to simple, traditional hand-made techniques, balancing them out with a more modern graphic appeal. 


Another animal-friendly fur: it’s all thanks to the wool!

A new perspective on wool, that’s both sophisticated and fun at the same time. An original yet easy-to-make idea, for a groundbreaking practical approach to creativity. The surprising aspect of it, even for me as the creator, was that the combination of different techniques, all using woollen yarn, create a fun, playful fur-like effect, fitting for every occasion, whether you need something trendy or something more classic. Puffy, chic, warm, cozy, and most importantly animal-friendly! In order to make this garment, you are going to need, in addition to some woollen yarn, a mesh fabric of your choice. And of course, a little patience and a lot of creativity. So, let’s get started! Follow the paper pattern you find below (that’s for a size Medium) to cut the mesh fabric to make all parts that make up the garment.


Now, create your woolen texture by “embroidering” each piece to your taste, using the simple techniques that you find in the videos below. Then, put together the different parts of the garment.

Astrakhan Stitch

Fringe Stitch

Fur Stitch

Finishing Stitch


Pom pom stitch

Crochet knit stitch

Finally, all you need to do is make cut out the collar (using the same paper pattern) and to give it the fringe effect, as shown in the video below.

In the video, I will show you how to make a 3-thread woollen fringe. However, you may choose to use 2 or 3 threads, depending on the volume you wish to achieve. Once you are finished with the collar, sew it onto the garment and put it on! What do you think?

Remember: your imagination is the only limit. I chose white, but you may make it a completely black version — which would be gorgeous even just on top of a pair of jeans and a shirt! Also, why don’t you use these techniques to make different garments? Use them one at a time or mix and match, to make coats, dresses, cowls, bags, or whatever you like. What matters is to have fun!


Also, do not forget good old grandma’s advice: for the cuffs, the bottom hem and the lapel in the front, always choose the “crochet knit stitch” that will allow you to create a natural ribbing effect, making everything more elegant and neater.

Until next time!

Cristina Pedrotti/VeryCris

Video Maker, Photos and Style lemissmatch

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