Us Italians: Crazy About Food, Even If It’s Made of Felt

from Gaia Gualtieri - 28 April 2015

Expo 2015: a felt homage to wine and food

In the past months (maybe years), all we’ve been hearing about in Italy is Expo 2015. Until last month, however, here at DHG we did not even think we would be working on anything related to that event. We are always in a hurry and, after all, the culinary world is not exactly the closest to felt.

Felt Finger Food

But we were wrong! Because all it took were Assunta’s golden hands and Agnese and Silvia’s usual enthusiasm, for a somewhat silly idea to become the subject of the new video of the One-Minute-Felt series. Of course, we could have made something else, but as you can imagine we knew we would never had such a perfect occasion to use the soundtrack we then chose for the video: Dean Martin’s That’s Amore.  So adorable.

DHG’s felt appetizers

Food, love and playfulness: this is the mix from which our “Felt Finger Food” was born – 6 objects made using thermoformable felt and woolen fibers, shaped like typical Italian food.

Felt Finger FoodFelt Finger Food

Their very special characteristic? You can put them onto the tip of your fingers and use them as unique puppets to improvise shows for your children. As a matter of fact, as most of you may know, in the past 2 years 3 babies were born here (Leonardo, Livia e Allegra) so we hope you will forgive us if this won’t be the last time we create projects for our own needs.

Felt Finger FoodFelt Finger Food

Personally, I intend to try my hand (pun intended) at some puppet show as soon as possible. I hope that by through play, Allegra can learn how serious food actually is. And how deeply rooted it is in our culture, and how it is an expression of the many influences that make it so rich and complex. I hope she will then understand that eating is a joy that unfortunately not all people can experience daily.

Felt Finger FoodFelt Finger Food

You may think that I am expecting too much from these simple felt puppets. Maybe. Let’s put it this way: they will contribute the appetizing, funny element. I will contribute my ideas.

PS: so, here’s the video


Expo Milano 2015

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