How to knit the wheatear stitch

from Gaia Gualtieri - 28 December 2018

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We don’t see so much of the wheatear stitch, so when we came across it flicking through an old book, we just had to bring it to light. We tried it out right away and chose our Sierra yarn in the colour Cherry to make it.

Sierra, is a really warm and soft Alpaca yarn and just a little furry, leaving the pattern nice and smooth and prominent. Therefore really suitable for a stitch such as this one.

Here are the instructions on how to knit your Wheatear stitch.

How to knit the wheatear stitch

It’s done on a multiple of 10 stitches + 1

1st row: (on the wrong side of the work) *purl 1, knit 2, purl 5, knit*2. Always repeat from * to * and finish off with a purl.
2nd – 4th – 6th – 8th – 10th row: cross stitch 1, *purl 2, right cross 2, knit 1, left cross 2, purl 2, 1 cross stitch*.
To do the 2 right cross stitches  leave 1 stitch hanging behind, knit 1, knit the hanging stitch.
To do the 2 left cross stitches leave 1 stitch hanging at the front, knit 1, knit the hanging stitch.
11th row: *purl 3, knit 2, purl 1, knit 2, purl 2, * and finish off with a purl.
12th – 14th – 16th – 18th – 20th row: knit 1, *2 left cross stitches, purl 2, 1 cross stitch, purl 2, 2 right cross stitches, knit 1*.
21st row: repeat from the 1st row.

Tadaaaa! Here’s the Wheatear stitch. It’s so addictive, once you start you’ll do it over and over again!

If you haven’t had enough yet, we recommend checking out the mussolini stitch also known as the mock fisherman’s rib stitch.

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