Hokusai: a yarn with a refined soul

from Annalisa Chelli - 1 October 2018

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Hokusai: a soft and shiny yarn

Hokusai is a new DHG yarn, made up of a mix of Alpaca, Wool and Viscose, acquiring all the best qualities from all three of them and sure enough it’s soft, warm and shiny. To introduce it properly we’ve come up with two free patterns! So that you can have a go at making a puff sleeve sweater or an openwork yoke sweater.

Hokusai has a 2200 nm thread count and can be bought in lots of different colours, thanks to its lavish colour palette. This yarn is ideal for casual but smart garments and what’s more, its shiny effect looks almost like the sparkle you get from Japanese silks. So, let’s make some cozy sweaters that will make you look good as soon as you put them on! They’re perfect for work but also on your days off and to face autumn with an extra hint of shininess and then, let’s face it, you can never have too many sweaters in your wardrobe!

All you have to do now is follow us step by step in our tutorial and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome! Got your needles at the ready?

Pattern: puff sleeve sweater

We’ve chosen to make this puff sleeve sweater as it goes so well with our Hokusai yarn and plus it’s really easy to make. It’s as easy for those with little experience as it’s intriguing for the more experienced knitter.

To add even more sparkle to this sweater we’ve gone for a glowing Gold colour, whereas you’ll need some needles and some Hokusai yarn to knit it.

hokusai - alpaca wool and viscose yarn

Hokusai col. Saffron 400g
Needles no. 4,5 – US 7
Needles no. 5 – US 8
Needles no. 6 – US 10
Needles no. 8 – US 11
Needles no. 10 – US 15
4 stitch markers
Sewing needle
hokusai - alpaca wool and viscose yarn - sweater pattern

Rib stitch 1X1:
1st row: knit 1 purl 1;
2nd row: knit the stitches as they appear.
Stockinette stitch: knit 1 purl 1.
Tubular stitch, to be worked as follows: to get started and to simplify the following steps, we suggest using a different coloured yarn, but one with the same thread count as the one chosen to make the whole garment. So now, cast on half of the stitches, plus one needed for the work.

Taking the yarn, in the colour you have chosen, start working a knit stitch and a yarn over for the whole row. Keep in mind that also the first stitch needs to be worked. So, what you have to do is this: knit 1, yarn over, knit 1 and yarn over and carry on like this for the whole row.

If you’ve done this step correctly you’ll end up at the end of the row and the stitches will have doubled.

In the second step, or row 2, you have to slip the purl stitches except the first one, as that needs to be worked! Knit stitch the yarn over stitches from the previous round.

Continue by repeating the second step up to the height indicated in the project. When you’ve finished, pull the contrasting coloured yarn out using the tip of the knitting needle.

puff sleeve sweater - pattern

How to make the front, the back and the collar of the puffy sleeve sweater

Using the no.8 needles cast on 93 stitches, continue with rib stitch 1×1 with no.5 needles for 10 rows.
Continue working the rib stitch 1×1 with no.6 needles for 64 rows.
Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round. Continue the work for 46 rows for a total of 110 rows.
Now start the sloping of the shoulders, bind off 8 stitches on each side until you’ve got 45 stitches, bind off.

Cast on 97 stitches with no.8 needles, work as the back and at 100 rounds start the collar.

alpaca and viscose yarn - sweater tutorial

Work 38 stitches, bind off 21 of them and finish off working the other 38 stitches (for a total of 97 stitches). Bind off every two rows as per the diagram.

puff sleeve sweater - hokusai yarn

How to make the puffy sleeves

Using no. 4,5 needles, start working the tubular stitch.
Starting with the different coloured yarn 36 stitches and with the Hokusai colour. Gold start the tube-shape as shown at the top, for a total of 70 stitches and for 12 rows.
Using no.10 needles continue with the stockinette stitch, bind off.

Making up of the sweater

Sew the right shoulder using no. 4,5 needles pick up the stitches at the collar as follows: rib stitch 1×1 for about 3cm.

Sew up the rest of the sweater.

hokusai yarn alpaca and viscose

tutorial on a puff sleeve sweater

Also this tutorial on how to make a puff sleeve sweater has come to an end. We reckon, this soft and light Hokusai yarn is ideal for this type of sweater, don’t you agree? If you‘d like to continue trying out this new yarn, there’s another free and exclusive pattern on how to make an openwork yoke sweater ready and waiting!

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