Tutorial: How to make the Vendetta Uncinetta’s felt bow

from Annalisa Chelli - 4 December 2017

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Here you go – the second tutorial for the last minute Christmas, which sooner or later all of us are faced with. This time ‘Vendetta Uncinetta’ has prepared a soft and simple felt bow for us, which reminds us that Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bow as a backdrop. So bring on the bows! Let’s get started.

Thermoformable felt 2mm
2 mm wool felt ribbon 2,5 cm wide
Deluxe Faux Leather ribbon 1 cm wide
Fabric scissors
Needle and thread
Tape measure

How to make the felt bow

Cut felt strips 8cm wide and about 70/80cm long.
Roll each strip over on itself like in the photo and cut the ends festoon style. Afterwards secure it with a pin.

Sew the bow in the middle folding it lengthways and curling it slightly.

Sew a different coloured piece of felt ribbon around the centre part to hide the stitches and insert a piece of leather ribbon for hanging.

Tie or sew the ends of the leather ribbon together and let them pass behind the felt ribbon.

What about it? The felt bow isn’t the simplest decoration but a very effective all-round pleaser.

Now we have two different decorations for our tree, the Flower and the Bow, but what about the door? We couldn’t bear the thought of a bare and sad looking door. A wreath is just what we need to complete this short journey into Christmas decorations. Get ready because the wreath is absolutely awesome!

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