Tutorial: How to make a Christmas wreath – project by Vendetta Uncinetta

from Annalisa Chelli - 4 December 2017

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It’s here! The time has come to show you the best piece of our last minute Christmas featuring ‘Vendetta Uncinetta’: The felt Christmas wreath, or the awesome wreath as I call it, sporting classic Christmas colours: 2 types of green, red and white. In my opinion it also has a kind of American style. The kind that if Blake Lively ended up reading this blog and saw the wreath she’d definitely ask her other half, Ryan, and her children to make it. Then she’d hang it on the door of her villa just outside New York. A bit over the top? See for yourself.

10cm Ribbon felt
– Colours: Army  and Meadow  – about 4m each.
10cm Ribbon felt – Colour: Red Carpet – 1 or 2m depending on the number of flowers.
fabric scissors
tape measure
30 cm polystyrene ring

How to make the Christmas wreath

From the two green pieces cut about 12cm long ribbon strips.
Then cut each strip into three equal parts lengthways.

On each strip make a fringe.

To make the flowers cut about 12 cm long strips from the red felt.  Fold them in half and secure with a pin.
Then, make a fringe along the length of the felt, as shown.

Take each previously cut green fringe strip and roll them up separately as if to make small tassels and attach them to the polystyrene ring.
Place them next to each other, securing them with pins.

Cover the whole ring, alternating the two shades of green tassels and the red “flowers”.
Once you’ve finished, check that there are no empty spaces, if need be, make it fuller with thinner tassels by using a shorter fringe strip, adding pins where necessary.

Your Christams wreath can be hung on the door or where you like using a ribbon.

What did I tell you? I bet you can’t wait to get started.  We’ve come up with the materials and instructions, now it’s your turn to put your crafty skills to the test.

Happy last minute Christmas everyone!

Or if you’re more of a knitting fan…we’ve got a project for you too! Aren’t these Christmas baubles just wonderful?

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