Tutorial: how to make a zipper case

from Annalisa Chelli - 9 July 2018

Annalisa Chelli

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Annalisa Chelli

We’re now onto the third tutorial of the faux leather accessories collection. Our exceptional crafter is still Manuel Attardi but the main feature this time is a zipper case where you can put your circular knitting needles, locking stitch markers or sewing curved needles for safekeeping. However, this case is really nice even as a pencil case or make up bag. In other words a perfect all-rounder!

Let’s get to work!

Deluxe Faux Leather col. Spring 20cm
Fabric scissors
1 single slider zip 20cm
Embroidery scissors
Coloured thread
Set square

All the steps on how to make a zipper case

Firstly, we’re going to draw 2 24x10cm rectangles on the back of the fabric and then cut them out.

On the longer side of one of the two rectangles sew the edge of the zip with the appropriate foot. Make sure you sew the zip the right way up – facing the front of the fabric.

astuccio finta pelle
Do the same thing with the other rectangle, making sure you fold the tape of the zip by 90 degrees. Continue with the seam adding a small 2cm square of fabric on each side to finish off the two sides of the zip.

astuccio finta pelle - knitters
Now we’re going to sew the zip all the way around, with the appropriate foot onto the front of the fabric.

astuccio finta pelle - tutorial
Lastly, double stitch the three sides which are open with a 1cm seam and turn it right way round.

astuccio finta pelle - pattern

We can now put all our useful bits and bobs in our case!

For this tutorial Manuel chose faux leather col. Spring and opted to make a standard-sized case (about 22x8cm).
You can choose whichever size you please, even bigger ones but more importantly in the colour you want by choosing your favourite colours from a wide selection available on our website.

Ready for the fourth piece of the faux leather accessories collection dedicated to knitters?
Let’s make a maxi envelope!

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