Tutorial: How to make a wool futon

from VeryCris DHGPenFriend - 31 July 2017

After falling in love with her chunky knit blanket we asked VeryCris to make us another piece using extra fine merino wool tops from the The Tempera Collection. Cristina didn’t let us down and gave us a wonderful futon.

Wool futon

The result is minimalistic but effective thanks to the work done by hand and colour effects of the chosen nuance, our Dancing Lesson. We are sure you’ll love this reinterpretation of the classic futon. Let’s get started!


Extra fine merino wool tops Colour. Dancing lesson – 3.5 kg/7,7 lb

Knit Stitch

Single crochet

And Slip stitch

Useful tips

  • First, unwind all the skein gently before starting. In this way, you will avoid putting tension on the wool tops and breaking them while working.
  • Never cut the wool tops with scissors, instead pull the end of the fibre with your hands. Just pull it slightly keeping the ribbon straight without twisting it and always keeping your hands at least 20cm apart from each other.
  • In case the wool tops tear whilst working, overlap the two pieces by 15cm and comb them gently with your fingers to even out the fibres and blend them together. Then twist them slightly and resume working.
  • Work gently using the palm of your hand as a measure to have even stitches, making sure that you can easily pass through the loops.

How to make a wool futon with your hands

The measurements of the futon are about: 80×165 cm / 31.5×65”.

Cast on 22 stitches.

Knit with your hands for 11 rounds using single crochet

12th round: Slip stitch and bind off

An extra something? Create tassels for the corners of the futon.
It’s easy to do. Cut 8 pieces of wool tops of 45cm each and then tie them together 2 by 2 on the corners of the futon.

Et voilà! Futon ready for long winter afternoons of total relaxation.

Wool futon

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