Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

from Gaia Gualtieri - 21 May 2018

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Today we’ve got a new yarn from our spring/summer collection for you! Seen as we’re just starting out in this new adventure into the yarn world, we’ve decided to focus on simple, classic and 100% natural yarns. Yarns that can become evergreen and be with us on this journey for years to come.

Cleopatra is exactly one of these. 50% linen – 50% cotton made up of several elements, is anything but ordinary, and gives a 3-D effect and movement to the yarn. To bring out these characteristics we’ve come up with easy and quick projects that are suitable for all kinds of different occasions.

Modelling for us this time is the gorgeous Giorgia, a hair stylist in her late thirties, with a natural, timeless and simple elegance, just like Cleopatra! She was free to personalize the two tops made with this yarn, how she felt best, matching them up with her favourite pieces and here’s the outcome. Don’t know about you but we’re crazy about it!

Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

All that’s left to do now, is show you the first project. So here it is!

Cleopatra Yarn 300g Colour. Sand to be worked 3-ply
Lincoln yarn 100g – 3,52 oz Colour. Lace
Lincoln yarn 100g – 3,52 oz Colour. Moss

Needles and hooks
Needles no.5
Needles no.6
Hook no.4
4 stitch markers
1 needle

20 x 20 cm: stockinette stitch 26 stitches x 36 rows

Rib stitch 1×1:
1st row knit 1, purl 1
2nd row work the stitches as they appear

Stockinette stitch:
1st row knit
2nd row purl

Increased stitch:
Work 2 together in a stitch from the previous row

Chain stitch
Slip stitch
Single crochet
Double crochet

Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

The size of this piece is L.
Worked with 3 ply Cleopatra Colour. Sand.
The stitch marker is to mark the beginning of the armhole, so you’ll need 2 for the front and 2 for the back.

Making the front of the sleeveless top

Cast on 50 stitches and with double needles no.5 and work the rib stitch, *1st round knit 1, purl 1, 2nd round knit stitches as they appear*, repeat from * to * 3 times.

Continue as follows:
1st row: knit 48, increase 1, knit 1
2nd row: purl
3rd row: knit 49, increase 1, knit 1
4th row: purl
5th row: knit 50, increase 1, knit 1
6th row: purl
7th row: knit 51, increase 1, knit 1
8th row: purl
9th row: knit 52, increase 1, knit 1
10th row: purl
11th row: knit 53, increase 1, knit 1
12th row: purl
13th row: knit 54, increase 1, knit 1
14th row: purl
15th row: knit 55, increase 1, knit 1
16th row: purl
17th row: knit 56, increase 1, knit 1
18th row: purl
19th row: knit 57, increase 1, knit 1
20th row: purl
21st row: knit 58, increase 1, knit 1
22nd row: purl
23rd row: knit 59, increase 1, knit 1
24th row: purl
25th row: knit 60, increase 1, knit 1
26th row: purl
27th row: knit 61, increase 1, knit 1
28th row: purl
29th row: knit 62, increase 1, knit 1

Continue with the stockinette stitch until the 69th row. Then proceed following the chart below, bearing in mind that the front is Colour. Moss.

Making the back of the sleeveless top

Work as for the front but symmetrically, taking into account that in the chart below the back is pink.

Pattern: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

Finishing off
Sew up the shoulders and the sides. Then in the open gap work the scallop edging as follows:
1st round: * single crochet, 2 chain stitches, skip 1 double crochet *repeat from * to * for the whole length
2nd round: 5 treble crochet in the arch, slip stitch in the following arch and repeat until the end of the round.

Now it’s time to create the fringes. Cut 42cm fringes with 2 strands of Lincoln Colour. Lace, 2 strands of Lincoln Colour. Moss, 1 strand of Cleopatra Colour. Sand and place them in position. The edge will remain on the bottom right while the fringe will be positioned on the left armhole.
Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

We’re almost done. Finish off the collar and the arm holes with a round of double crochet.

It’s finished! If you ask me it’s gorgeous!

Tutorial: how to make a super feminine sleeveless top

Why not have a go at making the other sleeveless top we created using Cleopatra? It’ll be worth it! Get the free pattern here.

Have fun!

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