How to make a felt basket for panettone in 5 steps

from Annalisa Chelli - 12 November 2018

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Annalisa Chelli

This is the third of the super crafty Christmas tutorials and it’s for a felt basket and one of those spend less (also in terms of time) get more type projects. In fact, you’ll have a felt basket for panettone, the Italian Christmas cake and customized how you want, in just 5 steps. So quick we’ve even outdone Flash Gordon!

We’ve chosen to personalize our felt basket for panettone with one of the most classic Christmas sayings, otherwise known as Santa’s laugh:‘ho ho ho’! There are, however, so many other things you could write, maybe even the name of the lucky person who you’re going to give the panettone to!

The base has been made with our Thermoformable Felt in the colour. Stone and we’ve used our Deluxe Faux Leather in the colour. Gold for the letters. Feel free, though, to choose whatever colours you want, from both the Felt and Deluxe Faux Leather collections.

felt basket for panettone

4mm Thermoformable felt, colour. Stone 85×55 cm
Deluxe faux leather, colour. Gold 30×30 cm
Gold sewing thread
Hot glue
An iron

Pattern to make a felt basket for panettone in 5 steps

1) Firstly, lay the felt out on a work bench and draw the outline of the square base; each side has to be 24cm.

2) Secondly, outline the 4 sides of the square base, so, the two opposite sides have to have a total length of 13cm and 29cm as shown in the image below. Now, cut around the edges of the felt.

3) Thirdly and maybe the most complicated in the whole making of the felt basket for panettone; drawing the handles. You’re going to need a printer, paper and a pencil. Print out the images below in normal size and place it on the longer side (29cm). Using a pencil, draw the outline of the felt basket handles. Now, do exactly the same for the opposite side. Lastly, cut out the felt using the scissors.

4) You’ll need to use a printer again to make the letters. Take the image below and print it out in normal size. Then taking the faux leather that you’ve bought, use the image to draw the letters and with much care and attention cut out the templates. Having done that, stick the letters onto the outer side of the felt basket using the hot glue gun. We chose to stick one “ho” in the middle, under the arch of the handle and the other two under that one to mix it up and draw attention to it.

5) All you have to do now is fold the sides of the base, see the outline on the diagram, using an iron to thermoform the felt. Finally, sew up the 4 sides of the felt basket for panettone, with the needle and thread. We used the buttonhole stitch.

We can now put our mouthwatering Christmas cake in our felt basket, ready to give to someone special. Or if we’re invited somewhere for dinner, this would definitely be an original cadeau for the host!

How to make a felt basket for panettone in 5 steps

We’ve really outdone ourselves this super crafty Christmas and apart from having already shown you the amigurumi bears, we’ve got another surprise in store for you – decorations to hang on your tree! I really recommend reading these two tutorials too: how to make Christmas stars and how to make hanging hearts.

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