Tulle Mermaid Box Top – an easy-peasy tutorial

from Fabrique - 10 June 2019

Hi! We’re Elena and Francesca and our motto is “passion and sharing”. Our world is in Brescia, in the North of Italy, and it’s name is Fabrique, A showroom studio where we promote our personal vision: DIY sewing!

Our mission is to fly the independent sewing flag higher and higher and convince you that you can do it, because we know, that you don’t know that yet! Ready to make your Mermaid Box Top with us?

maglia corta in tulle

The time needed to make your Mermaid Box Top is about an hour.

Silk tulle col. Shell, 50 cm
1 box of beads
normal scissors and pinking shears
tape measure
household sewing machine

Materiali per realizzare una maglia corta in tulle

How to make a Mermaid Box Top

Double over the fabric and cut out the template of your top using the below as references. To be more precise you could put them onto tissue paper to create the pattern.

schema per maglia corta in tulle

These measurements fit a size 42; for each size you want to increase keep a 2cm margin all around. So, +2 for size 46, +4 for a 48 etc.

maglia corta rosa - tutorial fabrique

After having cut it out, put the pins on the sides and on the shoulders, keeping 3cm from the cutting line. Tack along the line of the pins and after you’ve removed them, use the sewing machine to sew using a matching coloured thread.

maglia corta in tulle - imbastire

maglia corta in tulle - utilizzare macchina da cucire

With the top inside out finish off the inner seam allowances, using a pair of scissors, zig zag ones are better.

taglio tulle per maglia corta

To get the real mermaid effect persevere and cover around the neck, sleeves and the bottom with a line of beads.

maglia corta

Your Mermaid Box Top is ready!

maglia corta
maglia corta in tulle rosa

We hope you like it and it makes you feel gorgeous! This is only the first sartorial project we’ve prepared for you with DHG’s tulle. Stay tuned as there are more on the way soon!

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