"The one who can"

In short: she is the woman of marketing. Lighthouse and leader, “The Creator”, the mind, the problem and the solution.
She always preached that we must have “faith” and in the end we also demonstrated it. She is the mother of an amazing baby girl named Allegra that immediately made it clear who is the boss! Like mother like daughter.

People say about her: “She is tireless and inexhaustible. Who knows what kind of dope she uses".

Recurring phrase: “When we will go to Ikea ….”.


"Man of numbers, in charge of relations with suppliers, growl."

In short: born in Prato, fans of Juventus football club, while his wife Francesca is fans of Roma football club, and he is father of Pietro. Since we moved into our new headquarter, it does not matter if it rains or snows, however, he comes to work by bicycle. Needless to say, he is a cornerstone of our company.

People say about him: “He grumbles and grumbles but does not bite”.

Recurring phrase: “If we open DHG NYC I move”.

"I work at DHG because I feel that nowadays having a job has almost become a privilege. If you like your job and you are passionate about it, it's twice the privilege. At DHG I find myself side by side with these privileged people, who put a lot of passion into what they do, who wake up in the morning with a strong drive to accomplish something".


"He is the soul behind the website, so if something does not work blame him."

In short: florentine, moved for the love of Lau, began to collaborate with DHG in 2011. One day the Google Team phoned him to congratulate him for the performance of the website. We thought it was a joke but it was not. In fact, Samuele, who was just passing through, is still here. He is the father of Leonardo, a child as beautiful as the sun and always smiling.

People say about him: “It ‘s in a trance in front of the pc. Someone please can remind him to breathe from time to time?”.

Recurring phrase: “Very happy”.

"I work at DHG because it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!".


"She is the woman of quality. If her thumb is down then guys we have a problem."

In short: first of all she is the mother of Giuseppe, who fills our offices of drawings of monsters and robots, and of the little girl Livia. One day she phoned because she wanted to work with us and from the very first meeting we realized that it could not be otherwise.
PS: her mother is a city institution. With her snacks has fed generations of children.

People say about her: “She loves quarreling with Fabio”.

Recurring phrase: “From next week Giuseppe will not sleep in my bed anymore”.

"I work at DHG because I like it. It is a colorful, cheerful and young environment. Professional, creative, and growing. There aren't co-workers here, but rather friends. Every day you are in touch with the whole world, and this is really great. I felt at ease from the very first job interview here. I am happy to be still working in the textile industry because by now it's a part of me."


"She is the army of the management of orders and the McGyver of our company."

In short: born in Prato, mother of Martina and Tommaso, so cute! She is tireless and, lucky us, she is a great cook. And so when she has one of her famous insomnia attacks, next morning we find delicious cakes and cookies for our coffee break.
Customers have told us that could not loose her. They were right.

People say about her: “How do air conditioners work? Just ask Donatella. And the microwave? Donatella. Someone has a valid recipe for muffins? Donatella again“.

Recurring phrase: “I’ll do!”.

"I work at DHG because here I have found a young, dynamic, stimulating and new environment, where I could discover new challenges".