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from Gaia Gualtieri - 30 July 2013

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We talked about the opportunity of planning a video tutorial with Gaia Girard, the Roman felter we got to know during the 2013 edition of Feltrosa at Amelia, where her qualities as a teacher of Nuno Felt techniques definitely stood out.

Nuno Felt video tutorial

Teaching nuno felt online, tecniques and different solutions, this is the focus of the tutorial shot in Prato with Gaia Girard at the operative headquarters of DHG.

Now, the tutorial deals with the theme of Nuno felting, respectively in the plain and three-dimensional working and it features an analysis of the peculiarities of the different materials we can use, picked up from the wide range of fabrics recently added to the DHG catalogue. It also analyses in detail all you need to do in order to obtain a smooth and compact surface that can be used, depending on your needs and projects. Therefore, you will learn the basic techniques and how to make sure your job is proceeding the right way, without flaws.

With the arrival of Gaia in Tuscany, we reciprocated the hospitality, offering a visit to Florence, the capital of Renaissance and the capital of textiles, Prato, a little-known treasure chest of great artistic and architectural treasures. The mutual understanding of regional peculiarities – luckily still very present in Italy – are part of our pleasure in the sharing practice.

While reflecting on the contribution of history to our growth, Gaia told us about her training as restorer and expert in Oriental art (with a title  obtained at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). It was an experience that led her to travel around the world, and this made ​​us sense that the apparent simplicity of her work – of an artisan product – is the result of the synthesis and prolonged proximity to the beautiful –  the ability to preview.

Gaia Girard teaching nuno felt

Another important aspect in the growth as an artisan and designer is the skill of previewing. The techniques are the first level of learning, and in time, you have to develop the ability to design, or “project” your own vision in the future. Then you can ensure that the gap between idea and finished product is more and more controlled and not random.

Those persons working  with the felt know that this step is not trivial, because of the very nature of the material: not much orderly, magmatic, passionate. During the conception of the tutorial, everything is played  on the thin line between unpredictability and planning.

We invite you to stay tuned on the DHG channels, especially on the blog and YouTube channel, to enjoy this long-awaited video, which will explore materials and techniques for developing an impeccable technique in the implementation of Nuno Felt, under the expert guidance of Gaia Girard.

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    Tengo la esperanza de poder participar en alguno de sus encuentros como buena amante del NUNO

  2. Daniel Kevorkian

    Estamos planificando la nueva temporada de reuniones y talleres en DHG, estad atentos! Las fechas se publicarán en breve.

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