Sari Silk Waste: eco-friendly and Oeko-Tex certified

from Gaia Gualtieri - 26 June 2017

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Starting today, our collection also includes Sari Silk Waste in many wonderful colors. And this is probably the best moment for us to present it to you.

Indeed, since a few weeks we have gone into GREEN mode. Of course, we have always been very sensitive to environmental issues, but since June 5th (Earth Day) we have started a series of initiatives and special offers which will continue through July. For example, our ecoprint tutorials (vegetable printing) made for DHG by Laura Dell’Erba.

So, we are currently taking some time to think about good practices and eco-friendly products. We are therefore very happy to welcome our new Sari Silk Waste to our collection.

Sari Silk Waste: an eco-friendly product

Sari Silk Waste, as the name itself suggests, is a byproduct of silk processing (especially of silk used for the traditional Indian Sari). So it is a recycled material, which is repurposed instead of being discarded and disposed of as textile waste.

Raw Sari Silk Waste

What’s more, the Silk Waste in our collection is Oeko-Tex certified.
This made is possible by the fact that we buy raw, undyed waste, and then dye it in our plants in Italy.
This way, we can:

  1. use safe, certified dye that has no environmental impact (also thanks to the water purification systems in our plants) and is not harmful for people (which is not always the case when the waste is imported already dyed)
  2. give you color-fast, lasting dyes matching the colors of the fabrics in our collection. As we always say: eco-friendliness does not mean low quality. All you need to do is use the right products!

Sari Silk waste

Our Sari Silk Waste is not only beautiful and safe, it’s also very versatile. It can be included in handfelting projects, in order to create shiny effects, and give more character to the texture of your pieces. Or they can be hand spun, and then used for hand knitting.

With a little extra creativity. A material which was bound to be discarded gets a second chance and becomes a key component in amazing pieces. Because every day is a good day to give our planet a little bit of extra love.

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