Pattern: silk mohair cropped cardigan for Yarn Day

from Annalisa Chelli - 11 October 2019

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Celebrating Yarn Day has become a tradition that we simply just can’t miss. We asked the Knitting For Breakfast sisters for their valuable help for this special day for yarn and handcraft lovers, and they’ve come up with an exclusive pattern for us: an eyelet insert cropped cardigan. This year we’ve got even more reason to celebrate this occasion: the launch of Fluffy – our precious silk mohair yarn!

filato mohair e seta - Fluffy

We’re going to make this warm and light cropped cardigan together using Fluffy in the Coral colour. If you’d like though, you can choose another colour, there’s something for everyone in the collection available on our shop.

How to make a silk mohair cropped cardigan

pattern cardigan corto ai ferri

This type of garment is worked back and forth with circular needles from top to bottom. As it’s worked as just one piece it has the huge advantage of being seamless. The stitches are gradually increased, from the neck to the sleeves, then the stitches are placed on hold on a thread to be picked up later. The sleeves are worked in the round.

Fluffy yarn 350 g
Circular needles no. 5,5 and no. 7
Hook no. 5/6 (optional)

Gauge swatch
10X10 cm stockinette stitch
13 stitches, 18 Rows

Stitches used:
Rib 1/1: row 1, knit 1 and purl 1 to the end of the row; row 2 work the stitches as they appear
Increase: kfb is advised
Yarn over
Slip 1, knit 2 tog, pass slipped stitch over

RS= right side
WS=wrong side
pm=place marker
SK2P= slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over
Inc= increase
Yo= yarn over
k2 tog=knit 2 together

Schematics for silk mohair cropped cardigan

Measurements of the finished garment size S/M – L:

Total height: 56cm – 61cm
Height from the underarm 29cm – 31cm
Neck opening 27cm – 27cm
Sleeve length from underarm 42cm – 44cm
Bust width 46cm – 53cm
Width of front 22cm per side – 24 cm

pattern cardigan traforato con filato mohair e seta

Here’s what to do to make a knitted cardigan

With no. 5,5 needles and 2 PLY yarn cast on 84 stitches
From row 1 to 11: rib stitch 1/1 all rounds
Now proceed with the no.7 needles and 3 PLY yarn
Row 12 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 13 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 14 (RS): k2, *k2, inc 1, k2 * rep ** until 2 stitches before the end, k2 (20 increased stitches)
Row 15 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 16 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 17 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 18 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 19 (WS): purl all stitches
From row 20 to 35: k2, repeat the PATTERN TWICE (vertically), finish with k2
Repeat the pattern 10 times horizontally
Row 36 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 37 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 38 (RS): k2, * k2, inc 1, k2 * rep ** until 2 stitches before the end, k2 (25 increased stitches) 129 stitches on the Needles
Row 39 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 40 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 41 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 42 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 43 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 44 (RS): k2, * k2, inc 1, k3 * rep ** until 2 stitches before the end, k2 (25 increased stitches) 154 stitches on the Needles
Row 45 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 46 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 47 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 48 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 49 (WS): purl all stitches

pattern di Knitting For Breakfast per cardigan corto

Row 50 (RS): k2, *k5, inc 1, k5 * rip ** until 2 stitches before the end, k2 (15 increased stitches)

Row 50 (RS): k2, * k1, inc 1, k2 * rep ** until 2 stitches before the end, k2 (50 increased stitches)
Row 51 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 52 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 53 (WS): purl all stitches
Row 54 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 55 (WS): purl all stitches

All sizes
There’ll be a total of 169 stitches on the needles for size S/M and 204 stitches for size L.

tutorial ai ferri - cardigan in mohair

Now place the sleeves on hold as follows: (to make it easier we’ll start the rows from number 1)
Knit 26/30 stitches, cast on 4 stitches, place 32/40 stitches on hold on a thread (first sleeve) knit 53/64 stitches, place the next 32/40 stitches on a stitch holder (second sleeve) cast on 4 stitches, knit another 26/30 stitches.
Now we’ll start working on the body, there’ll now be 113/132 stitches on the needles.
Row 1 (RS): knit all stitches
Row 2 (WS): purl all stitches
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you get a length of about 22/25cm
Now proceed with the no. 5,5 needles and 2 PLY yarn.
Work 16 rounds of rib stitch 1/1
Bind off loosely.

How to make the sleeves of the cropped cardigan (for 2)

Using no.7 needles and THREE-PLY yarn
Pick up the 32/40 stitches left hanging previously and cast on 6 new stitches.
Rounds 1 and 2: knit all stitches
Round 3: knit all stitches and increase 2 stitches
Rounds 4 and 5: knit all stitches
Round 6: knit all stitches and increase 2 stitches
Knit all rounds until you get a length of about 37/39cm from the underarm (there’ll be 42/50 stitches on the needles).

Size S/M
Next round: decrease 14 stitches: k1, 2 stitches together.
There are 28 stitches on the needles.

Size L
Next round: spread out 16 decreases evenly
There are 34 stitches on the needles
Now proceed with no. 5,5 needles and TWO-PLY yarn.
Work 12 rounds of rib stitch 1/1
Bind off loosely and insert all the threads
Finishing off (optional).
Pick up with number 5 or 6 hook the two edges of the two front sides, work of round of single crochet and two rounds of double crochet.

cardigan traforato in mohair e seta - pattern

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