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from PenFriends - 23 May 2014

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At point we can definitely claim to have a large and international extended family. Leena (Sipilä) and Sirpa (Mäntylä) are absolutely an official part of that family.

By now they visit us quite frequently, sometimes purely for fun but often also to create and come up with new ideas to develop together. You will find the account of their days in Prato here.

friends and prefelt

As the saying goes “The appetite grows with eating…” A year ago, we first experienced DHG’s gorgeous merino fibres at Feltrosa in Amelia.

Over the winter we better familiarized ourselves with DHG’s merino wool fibres and prefelt. Colors like Ireland green, Firenze purple, Chagall blue, Cappuccino, Papaya, Plum, Ginger, Ocean and hundreds more are exciting. You can even feel and almost taste the names of the colors!

Then we were given the opportunity to test the new and improved prefelt, all kinds of different fibres, silk fibres and fabrics. We found out how extremely well the prefelt can be adapted to all sorts of 3D items like flowers, bowls, etc.
The finished felt is tight and solid, just as it should be. The prefelt allows you to make wonderful clothing, fabrics, accessories and home decor items. It is easy and inspiring to combine silk fibres and fabrics with prefelt and wool fibres when they all are on the same color scale.

This provides feltmakers with numerous ways to use their imagination. The results can only be superior! Our enthusiasm is growing and ideas are flying. At the moment we are working on creating a bridal gown using the theme of the four seasons! You can find precise instructions on how to felt the prefelt in order to obtain perfect results.

Greetings from Leena and Sirpa

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