How to make a contemporary tutu to spruce up a sheath dress

from Annalisa Chelli - 11 September 2019

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The contemporary Tutu is a simple project that puts you in a good mood instantly and has the ability to make even the most classic sheath dress fanciful. This is also one of those refashion projects that we love and has been created by République Fabrique, our trusted sewing design studio.

The time needed to sew the contemporary Tutu is about 30 minutes and the main material is our silk tulle.

Silk tulle col. Shell, 3 metres
68cm of 5cm elastic for size 42 (add on 2cm for the size you want after that)
Tape measure
Household sewing machine
3cm in diameter press-stud

Silk tulle

How to make the contemporary tutu

After having measured your elastic, tidy up the ends to prevent unthreading and to give it some structure when attaching the press-studs.

How to make the contemporary tutu

Fold the tulle and cut it so that you get 4 60cm high layers. Then bunch them up with a running stitch to cover all the length of the elastic, spreading the fabric out well to flatten out the effect.

Silk tulle tutu
Tutu: a refashion project

Make 2 seams back and forth using the sewing machine to make the tutu sturdier and sew the press-stud on by hand.

République Fabrique - tutorial tulle tutu

And there it is! The contemporary tutu is ready to make you look gorgeous for the next aperitif at your favourite place.

DIY tutu
How to make a tulle tutu

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