How to knit the granite stitch with two colours

from Annalisa Chelli - 6 June 2020

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We’re continuing our journey into the knit stitches world today by doing the Granite knit stitch with the added touch of pairing up two colors. This knit stitch is easy-peasy and super cute.

The pure cotton tape Sailorman has been chosen in the colours Milk and Jade.

Let’s get started.

granite knit stitch

Let’s learn how to knit the Granite stitch

It’s done on a number of even stitches.

1st row, colour A: knit 1, * skip 1 purlwise B (= skip 1 purlwise without working it, keeping the thread to the back of the work) *, always repeat from * to *, knit 1 to finish off.

2nd row, colour A: knit 1, *skip 1 purlwise B, knit 1 *, knit 1

3rd row, colour B: knit 1, *skip 1 purlwise B, knit 1 *, knit 1

4th row, colour B: knit 1, * knit 1, skip 1 purlwise B *, knit 1

5th row, colour A: repeat from the 1st row.

granite knit stitch. pure cotton tape
Granite knit stitch pattern

Start with the stitch that comes before the 1st asterisk, repeat from * to * for all the row and finish off with the stitch that comes after the 2nd asterisk.

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