How to knit the drop stitch garter

from Annalisa Chelli - 11 May 2019

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The section dedicated to knit stitches continues! Today, we’re going to learn how to do a very quirky stitch that creates drapey loops. The drop stitch garter! It’s ideal for making scarves or ponchos as it’s really lightweight thanks to its loopy stitches, but who’s to say you can’t use it for other garments too? Let’s just say it’s perfect for those aren’t looking for a compact weft.

In fact, we’ve used our Stromboli, a pure cotton tape, precisely for the reason that we think that together with the drop stitch garter you can get a gorgeous sheer summer top, or maybe a 70s above the knee dress out of it, both ideal for evenings out at the beach.

Now all you have to do is grab your needles and get to work. You’ll soon see that this stitch is quick and easy to do. Try it for yourself!

how to do the drop stitch garter

How to do the drop stitch garter

1st-3rd-5th row (back of the work): purl.

2nd – 4th row: knit.

6th row: triple wrap stitch (=wrap the yarn around the right needle 3 times before pulling out the purl stitch).

7th row: knit, letting the wrapped threads from the previous row drop (the stitches will look stretched out).

8th-10th-12th row: knit

9th-11th row: purl.

13th row: triple wrap stitch (=wrap the yarn around the right needle 3 times before pulling out the knit stitch).

14th row: purl, letting the wrapped stitches drop from the previous row.

15th row: repeat from the 1st row.

Here you can see the detail of the completed stitch. Isn’t it gorgeous?

how to do the drop stitch garter

If you liked this knit stitch, why not take a look at the Mimosa stitch too.

Keep your eye out for other fantastic knit and crochet stitches, as we’ll be publishing more on our blog. That’s a promise!

Don’t forget to send us photos of what you’ve made! We’d love to see what the drop stitch garter inspired you to do.

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