How to knit the Butterfly stitch

from Annalisa Chelli - 9 November 2019

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Hi knitting friends! Ready to learn a new stitch to add to your own personal collection of knit stitches? We’re going to have a go at the Butterfly stitch today: as it’s dainty and simple to do, it’s ideal for outfits for newborns or a super stylish, snug scarf. After all, who doesn’t like butterflies?

We’ve chosen a colour from our Piuma Print collection to do the Butterfly stitch in the colour. Beehive. We thought it was the perfect one to add a fanciful and striking touch to this knit stitch.

butterfly knit stitch- tutorial

How to knit the Butterfly stitch

It’s done in multiples of 10+5

1st 3rd 5th 7th 9th 13th 15th 17th 19th row: knit.

2nd 4th 6th 8th 10th row: purl 5, * slip 5 as if to purl together (= slip 5 as if to purl without working them, keeping the thread on the right side of the work), purl 5 *, always repeat from * to *.

11th row: * knit 7, spike stitch 1 (with the right needle pick up the thread(s) of the slipped stitches in the row(s) below and put it (them) on the left needle and knit it (them) together with the next stitch), knit 2 *, finish off with knit 5.

12th – 14th 16th 18th 20th row: slip 5 as if to purl together, * purl 5, slip 5 as if to purl together *.

21st row: * knit 2, spike stitch, knit 7 *, 1 spike stitch, knit 2.

22nd row: repeat from 2nd row.

Chart pattern butterfly stitch

Repeat from * to* for all the row and finish off with the stitches that come after the 2nd asterisk.

butterfly knit stich -merino yarn Piuma

If you liked the Butterfly stitch you might also like another stitch that was done using our Vintage yarn: the Chunky Braid stitch.

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