How to knit the Mussolini stitch (or mock fisherman’s rib stitch)

from Gaia Gualtieri - 13 December 2018

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The Mussolini stitch, known as the mock fisherman’s rib, was created for the first time in Italy during the fascist era, as an alternative to the well-known English fisherman’s rib stitch. At that time, any reference to foreign names or countries was strictly forbidden and so, not only was a name made up that didn’t include the word “English” but a similar stitch (but not the same!) to the prior one, with British origins, was created too.

As people of the world, we can now grin at certain points of views which we don’t miss at all. However, we are grateful for the creativity of those, whether constrained or by complete conviction, came up with the Mussolini stitch. We love it!

Mussolini stitch or mock fisherman's rib - Tutorial

Do you like it too? What you can see in the photo has been made with our Piuma yarn extrafine merino wool. Now we’re going to tell you how to do it too.

How to knit the Mussolini stitch or mock fisherman’s rib

Knit stitch pattern multiple of 4.

1st row: knit *2, purl 1, knit* 1. Always repeat from * to *.

2nd row: knit *3, purl 1*. Always repeat from * to *.

3rd row: repeat from the 1st round

Mussolini stitch or mock fisherman's rib - Tutorial

If you like this stitch, you should definitely have a look at the tutorial on how to do the English fisherman’s rib stitch.

You won’t regret it!

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