How to knit the English fisherman’s rib stitch

from Gaia Gualtieri - 13 December 2018

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The English fisherman’s rib stitch is a real classic, just as it’s evergreen. It’s very much a 3D stitch and in our opinion it’s gorgeous, especially if it’s done with a basic and smooth yarn that puts the structure of the stitch in the limelight. We’ve used our Piuma yarn extrafine merino wool for this tutorial.

English fisherman's rib stitch - Tutorial

How to knit the English fisherman’s rib stitch

1st row: purlwise

2nd row: purl 1, *purl two together (in other words insert the tip of the right needle into the row below in correspondence with the following stitch and purl 1), purl* 1. Always repeat from * to *.

3rd row: purl two together, purl*1, repeat from * to * and finish off by purling two together.

4th row: Repeat from the 2nd row.

Tip: if you like the English fisherman’s rib stitch in a plain colour, you’re bound to love it two-toned. Just alternate 2 colours (one row one colour and another one the other colour). The outlook will be like this:

Two-tone English fisherman's rib stitch - tutorial

Is or is the English fisherman’s rib not just gorgeous, even in its simplicity? If you’re new to knitting and would like to learn new stitches, these two tutorials are just the thing you need: how to do the twisted crochet stitch or how to knit the Mussolini stitch (mock fisherman’s rib stitch).

Remember to send us photos of your creations!

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