Giant knitting 2.0: introducing Miss Noodle

from Gaia Gualtieri - 10 September 2018

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To the delight of all giant knitting lovers, the latest yarn added to our collection is Miss Noodle! It’s chunky but super light and has a luxury composition (as it’s made up of Baby Alpaca and Merino Wool) to make typical giant knitting projects without having to worry about pilling.

chunky yarn

How’s that possible you’re wondering?

When we came up with Miss Noodle we decided to create it using our Quipa yarn which is really fine and twisted allowing us to create a bulky yarn that unlike the materials that are traditionally used for giant knitting (like our Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops or our Giant Yarn) it almost never pills.

Miss Noodle is bulky yet so light, so much so that the amount needed to make, a blanket, for example, goes from 9kg to 3kg! Which means saving money and having more comfy clothes to wear. Then, last but not least, it’s composition: with 85% Baby Alpaca your creations will be super warm and deluxe. Try it for yourself!

Giant knitting 2.0: 3 must-see projects

As soon as we got on hands on this brand-new yarn we started trying it out straight away, starting out with the usual pieces associated with giant knitting. The outcome? 3 patterns that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do!

First up we created a chunky knit blanket, a simple yet striking piece.

chunky yarn - merino and baby alpaca

Then we had a go at a few fashion projects: a hat and an open front cardigan. Two super cozy pieces to face the cold season in style.

Chunky yarn - cardigan

So, what do you think? Now all you have to do is get to work, first choosing from the wide selection of gorgeous colors it comes in. Well, let’s just say we haven’t skimped on them either, check them out here.

Tutorial: how to make a Giant Knitting style blanket

Let’s start right away with the first pattern, which as I said before is for the blanket. It’s quite big (about 120x180cm / 47×70”) but really quick to make. Our Miss Noodle is so nice as it is that there’s no need to do long difficult work with it. After all, who’s got the time these days?

So, we’ve created our blanket using simply the stockinette stitch.

Miss Noodle col. Sand 3 KG / 6.6 lb
Needles no. 25 / US 50

Stockinette stitch: knit 1 and purl 1

Ready for the quickest pattern ever? Here it is!
Cast on 48 stitches and work the stockinette stitch for 114 rows. Bind off and tidy up the threads

The blanket’s ready. It’s gorgeous! At the end of the day, the simple things are always the most extraordinary.

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  1. Helen

    Is this a tubular yarn?

  2. Annalisa Chelli

    Hi Helen, thanks for writing us. No, Miss Noodle is not a tubular yarn.

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