Gauze and Etamine with an exceptional god mother

from Gaia Gualtieri - 4 April 2014

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Gauze and Etamine,100% Made in Italy… Have We Gone Crazy?

At this point it has been 6 months since my friend Francesco (who is probably one of the best textile designers in Prato) and I threw ourselves into this adventure, and now I can finally present two new fabrics that will enrich the DHG collection: 100% wool gauze and etamine made from extra fine merino yarn.


From the beginning we told ourselves that we were crazy to work on a project like this (who would understand all of the work behind such simple fabrics?) and, perhaps exactly for this reason, we decided to go ahead with the project all the same.  In the end, we have to be a little bit crazy if we want to come up with something new to offer you.

Search after search led us to the creation of the new DHG gauze and etamine, which we adore and are an expression of our great textile tradition.  We wanted to create fabrics that, even in their simplicity, would show how the quality of the materials and production practices can truly make the difference.
So we chose some beautiful extra fine merino wool yarns and worked with local companies who guided us among the thousands of minute details that make the difference.  This is how we were able to create fabrics that are high quality, light and soft, yet durable.  Both gauze and etamine are perfect to use as a base for many different techniques (nuno felting, embroidery, ecoprint), being able to disappear at the right moment but also able to (and should) be shown off and left visible.

An Exceptional Godmother.

After all this work, we just had to have a proper christening. Wouldn’t you say so?
We asked Patrizia Gozzini (, a noted artist from Prato, to experiment with the fabrics for us, in her own way, with no limits on her imagination!

We know that most of your will use our new fabrics in amazing ways, but probably using more common techniques (nuno felting above all!) therefore we thought it would be boring and expected to show them to you just as you will most likely see them in the future.
That is way we chose Patrizia who, simply speaking, is not a textile artist. We believed that she could give us a different point of view and would be able to use both the gauze and etamine in innovative ways.  And that is exactly what happened.

We spent an entire day with her, watching her work: she painted them with gold leaf as if they were a canvas, she embroidered them, dyed them, and transformed them. Upon seeing our fabrics molded in her hands, we were convinced that maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea in the end.

We will leave the final judgement to you.

P.S. We tried to cement the beauty of this creative day in our memories. Without commentary. Here are the pictures and video clips that we took. They are pure enjoyment!

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  1. Jack Brilliant

    Please advise cost for your wool Gauze and Etamine & postage to Australia.

    Thank you Jack Brilliant;

  2. Gaia Gualtieri

    Dear Jack,
    many thanks for writing.
    Costs vary according to quantities and qualities so the best is you to check them directly on our website.

    Also shipping costs depend on quantities but for these we have our shipping costs calculator that I think you will find useful to estimate them.

    For bulk orders pricelists or a Reseller account please write to

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