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from Annalisa Chelli - 18 December 2015
Annalisa Chelli

Annalisa Chelli

Community Manager at DHGshop
Sicily and Tuscany are in my blood. Travelling, movies, music, and art are the things I enjoy the most. I love whales, tattoos, the sea, Africa, good food, big smiles, Picasso, ‘The Master and Margarita’, and ‘Marriage Italian Style’. I believe in Charles Darwin and in the proverbs my grandmother said.
Annalisa Chelli

From Fiber To Art: the first DHG Art Film

Hi dear friends, today I’d like to talk about a dream we’d had for a while. We had always wanted to use images in order to show you the passion we put in our every day activities, the complex process with which we produce our fibers, and how they can turn into art through the work of skillful hands. 

From Fiber To Art

Our clients only see the final results of what is in fact a long, delicate, highly professional teamwork. It all starts with dyeing, the first, fundamental step towards the final product. It is in the dyeing house that our wools take shape, to become a multitude of colors and infinite weaving possibilities. They are each born with their very own personality. And before they fly to some faraway country, they are thoroughly checked. After that, they will only be waiting for someone to pick them, then they will be shipped to wherever there’s someone waiting for them, to make that someone happy. It is only through these passages that Beauty is made.

From Fiber To Art

This ambitious project could not have been possible without Andrea Graham‘s participation. She is a textile artist who needs no introduction, an authentic FiberStar! She is generous, full of talent and enthusiasm, and a wonderful friend who has worked with us for a very long time. We are very lucky to have her. Thank you, Wonderful Woman!

The video was made by Agnese Morganti, a photographer and VideoMaker who, thank God, follows all of our projects with patience and passion. We are simply crazy about her visual style: refreshing, elegant, modern. Agnese, we love you!

I am going to leave you to From Fiber To Art – DHG Art Film. All the words in the world could not describe what you’ll see in the next three minutes. I hope you will find this as exciting and moving as we did. I would also like to take the occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. This is DHG’s present to all of you, maybe the first of many.

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