Felt Passion: a must see show at DHG

from Gaia Gualtieri - 13 October 2015

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It has been a while since I have written something for our blog. Annalisa is so talented that at this point the DHG voice is her voice and all I can do is wave the white flag.

Felt Passion

There are certain occasions however that require me to take up “pen and paper” and write, occasions such as this in which I want to talk to you about the exhibition that will debut in a few weeks.


On November 6th we will inaugurate the FeltPassion show (the title of which is borrowed from the book of the same name written by Ellen Bakker and Ricarda Assmann) within which there will be on display more than 100 works by German-speaking artists. These artists with an international flare, such as Ricarda Assmann, Andrea Noeske-Porada, Ariane Mariane, Inge Bauer, Dagmar Binder, and Maria Friese just to name a few, have made their works available for the show which will be here in Prato in the exhibition space at our headquarters. These works of art, made with felt with the use of multiple techniques and materials, are each very different from the next and are able to tell us a lot about the artists that created them. This exhibition therefore isn’t a must-see only because of the technical level of the works on display but also for their soul, for everything that they tell us about the thousands of ways to imagine and create felt, about the passion to make felt — which is, without a doubt, the thing that unites all of the artists represented in this show.

Felt Passion

Beyond felt

Then there is what you can’t see, everything that stays behind the scenes and that I would like to tell you about. There is the joy and enthusiasm in seeing an idea becoming reality, the pride to have been invited to host this traveling show (in fact, it has already been shown in Germany and the Netherlands) by those who came up with the idea and who believed that we at DHG could be the right partner for it. In the past, it has not always been this way. Actually, right before accepting the invitation to participate in the “FeltPassion Collective” we had to give up on a great project because it seemed as if we weren’t up to the task. We were a bit discouraged and then the crucial email arrives. The one that turns your day around. Six months later here we are, waiting to take the works out of their boxes and get the party started. We hope that Ellen, Andrea, Ricarda, Luc and Maria will be able to be among us. If they can, I will thank them in person for this amazing adventure. If not, I hope that my (our) gratitude will reach them through this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You know something? In spite of what some people say, there are wonderful people in the world and it is amazing to meet them and work with them.

We count on seeing you on the 6th for the inauguration! It will be a great party. Guaranteed!


Felt Passion

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