République Fabrique: a Small Tailor’s Shop with Big Ideas

from Annalisa Chelli - 24 May 2017

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Fabrique Handmade - Carmen Miranda

République Fabrique | an ethical, sustainable tailor’s shop

République Fabrique is small but productive nest, which full of fabric, scissors, and a whole lot of creativity. Here, everything is done with the idea of sustainable productivity in mind. I imagine Elena and Francesca, the two creators of this enchanted place, as a pair of tireless, passionate little ants, cutting and sewing amazing textiles, making well-finished clothes which definitely stand out from the crowd. Elena and Francesca refer to their lab as an Independent Republic of tailoring. This speaks volumes about their approach to the world of fashion.

Fabrique Handmade - bird print dress

Fabrique loves to dress women who do not take themselves too seriously, and who find beauty in little things. Fabrique also works on commission, using their pre-established models as a starting point and offering custom size fitting, color variations and small modifications. Sewing workshops are also held at the Fabrique headquarters. What else could one ask for?

When one is talking about République Fabrique, there are many different keywords — find out about all of them in the interview. I fell in love with Fabrique’s style, and I am sure you will, too.

Fabrique Handmade - red dress


République Fabrique – between research, Slow Fashion and sewing courses

DHG: Hi Fabrique girls! What does “handmade” mean today?
FABRIQUE:  Today, “handmade” means openness, awareness and reflection: basically, reduce quantity to improve quality. In the past few years, Fast Fashion has taught us some bad habits. Now it’s our responsibility to make the right choice!

D: what made you want to start this adventure?
F: sewing has always been our passion. Fabrique has a very simple history: the project originated from the desire to talk about our passion, and to share it.

D: what is a typical day like in your workshop?
F: it would be wonderful to have a typical day, but actually we do so many different things that they often overlap. Usually, the morning and the afternoon are devoted to cutting and sewing; during lunch break we design and do some research on the new trends, while we spend the mid-week evenings with the girls of our sewing courses.

Fabrique Handmade - gonna pois

République Fabrique – to the future and beyond

D: which of your projects have made you particularly proud?
F: definitely “Ethics&Aesthetics”, a festival on the theme of sustainable fashion and consumer awareness, which was created with the aim of attracting people to craftmanship. We created it and curated it together with ITS Machina Lonati, Brescia’s fashion school. The festival is ending in the next few days, and it has been very successful.

D: what are your dreams for the future?
F: we are thinking big, in the future we would really like to expand our family to be able to make at least 10% of our project become reality! I realize that this may sound scary but oh well!

D: is it just a cliche that it is really hard to start your own business and to keep it going in Italy? Or were you really confronted with many obstacles?
F: things are not encouraging, and it can definitely be tough, but we could never live our lives differently. Being aware of this makes us want to continue pursuing with our idea and stick with the choice we made.

Fabrique Handmade - tuta in cotone

République Fabrique – girly girl style

D: what are your favorite materials?
F: we started our project as a way of openly opposing the Fast Fashion phenomenon. By developing collections of clothing and accessories which are entirely made in Italy and with responsible production processes, we encourage familiarity and awareness in the purchasing experience. For this reason, when it comes to materials we cannot do without natural yarns and fabrics.

D: what is a must-have item in your collection?
F: there is not one must-have article, as we prefer to update our collections every season, always presenting something new. Let’s say that if we had to choose, we like simple dresses as a concept.

D: what is a movie that you wish you could have been the costume designers for?
F: Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, so light, girly and pop!

Fabrique Handmade - jeans dress cross suspenders detail

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