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from VeryCris DHGPenFriend - 13 September 2016

DHG Deluxe Faux Leather

So beautiful and soft that it looks real. But actually, it is absolutely and proudly artificial, and therefore completely cruelty-free.
DHG makes this faux leather here in Italy. It comes in almost 20 colors which, as I have already been able to confirm, look gorgeous when matched not only with our fibers but also with our textiles and our thermoformable felt.

Faux leather

It is simple to use because it can be cut, sewn and glued easily, but at the same time it is also sophisticated and it will add that little something to your creations.

Faux leather

To work with it was a lot of fun, and it is incredibly adaptable. I created coats, dresses and accessories, in all colors and to suit any taste. Take a look at the Mood section and you’ll understand.

And if you feel like it, start experimenting with me.

DHG Deluxe Faux Leather: polka dots

Faux leather

If you have an old t-shirt that needs a makeover, a woolen or cashmere sweater that moths feasted on, a plain garment that you want to add a bit of personality to, this is the project for you.

You are going to need:

  • a garment to rescue
  • faux leather in different colors (one color is fine too of course… depends on your taste!)
  • scissors
  • a small round object (I used a cylinder that I cut from the cardboard tube around which the artificial leather was rolled…)
  • needle and thread

First of all, draw the polka dots on the DHG Deluxe Faux Leather and cut them out. Remember to draw on the backside of the fabric so you don’t risk leaving pencil marks on the visible side. Cut out as many as you want, in the colors that best fit your project. There are no rules. I cut 28 dots, 3.5 cm in diameter.

Faux leather

Faux leather

The colors I chose were Butter, Powder, Spring and Sky. See how they go well together and how delicate they look?

Faux leather

At this point, all you need to do is sew them onto the garment and create the desired effect, one polka dot after the other.

You can decide to use tone-on-tone thread, like I did, or you can play around with contrasting colors.

Faux leather

The makeover is complete! You don’t need a lot of skills, or much material. This is truly a quick, low cost project. For all the contemporary Penelopes.

Faux leather

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