Dani Ives – the art of painting with wool

from Annalisa Chelli - 31 January 2018

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Dani Ives from a self-taught artist to an internationally renowned fiber artist

The DHG courses this year are amazing. The next one coming up is the Dani Ives’ one, a fiber artist like no other! The American, living in Arkansas, has a special gift – she’s a painter without a brush. Instead she uses a needle and wool to paint her pictures.

Dani Ives - Birds and Feathers needle felting

If you look at her work close up you can see that it isn’t tempera but indeed wool. Then as soon as you move away, her work magically turns into a painting. The nuances, details, the lines, everything is done with such extreme care, with the tiniest detail that one could almost think that Dani is helped by a tiny elf!

Dani Ives - Botanical needle felting

Then, what amazes me is that Dani Ives is self-taught. Over the years she has developed her own distinct and wonderful style not only thanks to her talent but also good will. Her favourite subjects are animals and nature, a reflection of one of her greatest passions and also her academic background: biology. Her wool paintings have attracted so many people. Even the famous. She’s been interviewed on Martha Stewart’s blog the guru of cooking, gardening and bon-ton in the United States and has also appeared in the Oprah Winfrey magazine.

Dani Ives - Apple needle felting

The things we could say about her are endless; however, this is just a taster as I’ll have the pleasure of interviewing her for you soon. In the meantime here at DHG we’ll all be working hard to make sure her workshops run smoothly and making her feel welcome in our company and our city. It’s the first time that Dani is going to teach in Italy and just for us she has come up with 4 courses with increasing levels of difficulty. So there is a lot to look forward to!

Dani Ives - flowers needle felting

You can find the ticket to attend the course here.

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