Cultivating Refashion with patches by Defne Güntürkün

from Annalisa Chelli - 26 January 2020

Annalisa Chelli

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Annalisa Chelli

A vegetable garden inspired Refashion

The concept of refashion is as interesting as it’s vast. However, to sum up, let’s say that refashion basically means to revitalize clothes left hanging in our wardrobe. A piece of clothing can be spruced up in loads of different ways, for example, by turning some sweaters into a patchwork blanket, or making a long skirt into a mini skirt or even to fix up moth eaten clothes or signs of wear and tear with some patches. This is where the fun-filled collaboration with the embroidery artist Defne Güntürkün comes into it: coloured patches embroidered entirely by hand. Five miniature vegetables made with our Quipa yarn and our Felt. Five little delights from the vegetable garden, rich in detail and nuances. A head of garlic, a chilli pepper, a head of broccoli, a carrot and an onion. Perfect ingredients for a nice plate of Italian pasta, but more importantly ideal to freshen up a shirt or a pair of jeans or even to cover up that horrible stain on your favourite sweater.

Defne Güntürkün and the embroidered patches
A chilli embroidered with Quipa

Defne Güntürkün and her studio in the centre of Istanbul

Defne Güntürkün graduated in textile design in Istanbul and then attended some specialization courses at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna. After almost a decade she got into embroidery, which then became her main job. She opened up her own art studio, a bright place bursting with fabric and yarn, right in Istanbul’s old town, a wonderful city overlooking the Bosforo. Defne loves exploring the alleyways of her city, taking in every small detail. It’s the reason why she walks to her studio, choosing a different route every time.

Her days are focused mainly on creating brooches and hoop art. Her style certainly reflects, not only her love of Nature, but also her experience in the textile field. As a matter of fact, Defne has been designing fabric patterns for a lot of years now, which results in her easily coming up with gorgeous colour combinations and treating the embroideries as if they were illustrations.

Defne Güntürkün embroiders on felt
Creative Refashion with patches by Defne Güntürkün

Defne always has hundreds of projects buzzing round her head and is always eager to carry them out. She follows her instinct but is also led by her passion for botany and what’s more, she’s open to the idea of experimenting which is why she agreed to collaborate with us. She really enjoyed herself while making this collection of vegetable shaped patches too. Super cute and perfect for a fun refashion project!

refashion: vegetable shaped patches
embroidered vegetables

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